Poll: Sales tax proposal is in trouble

A new statewide poll is showing that Proposal 1, which is on the May ballot in Michigan, is in trouble. The survey was commissioned by the Lansing-based “MIRS” newsletter and conducted by Target Insyght. While pro-Prop 1 ads have been aired heavily for three weeks, 55-percent of likely Michigan voters remain opposed to it. And that figure rises to 65 percent after voters are read the ballot language.  Proposal 1, whose leading advocate is Governor Snyder, asks voters to increase the Michigan sales tax by a penny, to trigger new revenue for roads, bridges, schools and local governments. The MIRS survey did find that 72 percent have seen the ads that support a ‘yes’ vote. However, they don’t seem to be getting the message, according to pollster Ed Sarpolus.  (MRN)

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