Young man who killed grandpa at 14 seeks lighter sentence

A judge in southwestern Michigan has heard a tearful plea from a young man who killed his grandfather at age 14 but hopes he can get a new sentence that would give him a chance at parole.

Nineteen-year-old Dakotah Eliason was in a Berrien County court Friday because the U.S. Supreme Court says teens can’t automatically be given no-parole sentences like adults. A judge could order a shorter sentence or give Eliason the same no-parole punishment.

Eliason didn’t explain why he shot his grandfather in 2010 but says, “I’m not a monster.” He says he’s sorry.

The victim’s wife, Jean Miles, supports Eliason. She says he had an undiagnosed mental illness as a child.

The prosecutor says Eliason shouldn’t get a lighter sentence. A decision is expected on June 26.  (AP)

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