Dog park coming to Meyer Broadway

County commissioners last week approved a 4 1/2-acre canine area at Meyer Broadway Park in Fabius Township.
The initial proposal was presented April 1 at a Parks and Recreation Boardmeeting by recreation director Jaymes MacDonald.
Commissioner Rick Shaffer said the plan for the park is to get it up and running soon, since the county is behind the move. The project could be finished before or during summer, he said.
Almost $7,000 is necessary to fund the park, and money already is available. County administrator Pat Yoder said MacDonald and his department were able to save about $12,500 on a previous project, which will be more than enough pay for what is needed for the pet playground.
Yoder told the commission that MacDonald and his staff at the parks department will provide labor to create the park, which will be enclosed with a five-foot horse fence. It also will feature a couple of gates for access.

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