New contract for Sturgis electrical workers

The city of Sturgis has approved a new, three-year contract with its 13-member electrical workers union.
The deal includes annual pay raises, but places new caps on the city’s long-term retirement legacy costs.
City electrical linemen will get a $2.25-an-hour pay raise. All members will get a 1.5 percent boost this year and 2 percent more in each of the next two years.
In an effort to rein in future retirement costs, the new contract eliminates the traditional 25-years and-out retirement qualification for all new hires, replacing it by allowing retirement at age 55 with 25 years of seniority or at age 60 with 10 or more years of service.
The new contract between the city and its International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union replaces one that had expired Feb. 28.

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