Sturgis joins building code library

Sturgis Township trustees have agreed to join a consortium of townships from at least four southwest Michigan counties to establish a central building code information library that will have its headquarters in Mottville Township.
The idea of establishing a regional code library began recently when an existing law began to be enforced. The law requires governmental units with building-code authority to have complete published codes available for public use.
Mike Bobalik, Sturgis Township clerk, said legal advisors to multiple Michigan townships began to research ways the small governmental units could avoid each having to spend an estimated $30,000 to obtain the required resource.
Instead, Sturgis Township will pay $3,000 to join the consortium and have all the required materials available for contractors and the public in space being reserved for the library at the Mottville Township hall.
Mottville Township is remodeling its offices to accommodate a system in which building code users will be able to have pass cards to gain access. In addition, Mottville Township will oversee the consortium funds, using any reserves to purchase code updates as they become available.

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