Support is low

A new poll from the Lansing-based polling firm EPIC-MRA shows very little support for Proposal 1 on the May ballot, which would increase the state’s sales tax by one-percent to pay for roads, schools, and local governments. Roger Martin is part of the Safe Roads YES! Campaign pushing for adoption, and isn’t too worried about the numbers because he says there have been plenty of proposals that passed after trailing in the polls. Only 24-percent of those surveyed, however, said they plan to vote in favor of the proposal, with 66-percent opposed and ten-percent still  undecided. EPIC/MRA president Bernie Porn says the only way you can possibly win is to have a message that resonates well above 50 percent, and they aren’t there. Governor Snyder said last week that if Proposal 1 fails, there is no “plan B.”  (MRN)

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