Health Center Board president resigns

Janell Hart, a Three Rivers resident, has resigned her position as president of the St. Joseph County Health Center Board.
Hart announced her resignation in a letter last week to health center officials and fellow board members. It was effective Wednesday.
In her letter, Hart stated that during the process of building and rebuilding the board, the focus seemed to move away from the initial goal. The board members who could assist with connecting to the homeless and underserved populations were not being utilized and there seemed to be an attempt by director Lynn Dobberteen to obtain an autonomy state from co-applicant Liz O’Dell, Hart wrote.
She wrote that the final straw was criticism from county commissioner Don Eaton during and after the April 2015 board meeting. Hart recounted that Eaton accused the health care board of choreographing the meeting and that “his misleading and false comment of co-board member Cynthia Flores has come as an extreme personal insult.”

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