Lockport Township millage defeated

Saying local voters were already set to oppose the state sales-tax increase request and were further dismayed by the Three Rivers Community Schools Board of Education, Lockport Township Clerk Wayne Timm said the township’s 1.4 mill increase request for a three-year period was likely doomed before voting even started Tuesday.

The request failed by a vote of 380 opposed to 298 in favor.

If approved, the increase would have generated more than $140,000 annually over a three-year period.

Supervisor Ray Signorello said approval of the millage proposal would have allowed the township to free up money for additional services, while keeping its finances for fire and ambulance in a stable position.

He said officials in the 3,800-resident township would have liked to raze some abandoned structures or earmark funds toward roadwork – both viable options if it can secure the sought-after millage funding for fire and ambulance service.

Timm said the township will still be able to meet its financial obligations for fire and ambulance service. But the cushion the proposed millage dollars would have generated would have been nice to have had on hand.

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