Centreville agrees to pay damages from sewer backup

Members of the Centreville Village Council agreed Monday to pay a portion of the cost of damage from a recent sewer backup at a residential property.
The sewer issue led to further discussion regarding future solutions and prevention.
Charlene Beals showed the council photos, videos and estimates of damage caused by a backup that occurred May 9 at her mother’s home.
Beals said she was unable to find an emergency contact number for the Department of Public Works and eventually got the matter resolved by calling 911.
According to Beals, an insurance company had already paid for removal of biohazardous material by ServPro. However, walls were destroyed and partially removed, as was some insulation.
Some flooring was removed, the toilet was broken in the process and the bathroom is now in shambles and unusable, she said.
Council members reviewed the photos and two estimates presented by Beals, and voted to pay the additional money for the repairs to the home that were not covered by the insurance clean-up, not to exceed $ 11,500, the higher of the two estimates.
Included in the motion was a requirement that a backflow preventer valve be installed to prevent such a problem from happening again.

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