Program proposed for increasing sheriff deputy candidates

St. Joseph County officials hope a program they have discussed will increase the number of quality candidates for deputy positions with the sheriff’s department.
During an executive committee meeting earlier this month, county administrator Pat Yoder said undersheriff Mark Lillywhite proposed an idea that is an option for not having a strong candidate pool.
Yoder said the process begins with a deputy candidate who is highly recommended but isn’t certified. Nonetheless, the prospective candidate would be sent to training academy. The county would pay the $10,000 cost for academy training, and in turn, the candidate would sign an agreement that they will stay with the department for at least three years.
Yoder said the county has had this idea under review by its attorney and the sheriff’s department union.
Yoder said from what he was told, there is one person who fits the criteria outlined according to what Lillywhite proposed.

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