Miller updated commissioners on road funding

A legislative update from State Rep. Aaron Miller was the highlight of Tuesday’s St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners meeting.
Miller, a first-term legislature from Sherman Township, said the senate plan for road funding was the biggest bit of news he had to offer.
He said $400 million in federal funds was allocated for the state’s transportation fund for the current fiscal year. That represents a $200 million increase from last year’s general-fund contribution.
At least, while a solution is being formed, the state has moved to help out local road commissions and MDOT to help chip away at the goal that everybody in the state sees and that is the fact Michigan’s roads are in poor condition and need to be fixed, Miller told commissioners.
Miller said he is optimistic a permanent funding solution will be reached by fall. With the House and Senate coming together to work on that goal, Miller said he hopes they will hash out a good plan.

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