Constantine library will be reimbursed

The Constantine Village Council has investigated and validated a claim that the Constantine Township Library has been overcharged on its water-sewer bill since 2007.
Village manager Mark Honeysett said the library has two water meters— one for the building and one for lawn sprinklers.
The problem centered on water to irrigate the lawn, which ran through both meters, Honeysett noted. As a result, the village has been charging the library twice for the water, plus billing it for sewer for its irrigation line, Honeysett noted.
The total amount overbilled is in excess of $6,700.
Honeysett said library director Jane Moe brought the matter of high rates to his attention in the past, but no one could pinpoint the reason.
Honeysett consulted village attorney Howard Bush for a recommendation on how much the village should reimburse the library. Bush proposed offering the library a refund/reimbursement for two years.
Moe said the library will settle for a reimbursement of $5,000 on the overcharge.

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