Out and About – Week of August 3rd

Here we are already into the month of August. If you think July had some warm weather, just wait until you see what August has to offer. August has a reputation for being about the hottest month of the year. Lake Michigan is now comfortable for swimming.

A few things to remember during this warm season would include keeping your pets comfortable. Make sure they have plenty of water and aren’t exposed to the hot sun for long periods of time. It’s also very important to make sure you don’t leave them in your car while you’re out shopping. Too many family pets have perished due to the heat buildup in the family vehicle. It’s probably a good idea just to leave them at home.

Keeping yourself hydrated is also very important while playing or working outside. Drink plenty of water, even if you’re not thirsty. Don’t forget to check on that neighbor who might not have air conditioning. Just like the winter weather, extremes can be very dangerous. Sometimes the elderly are the last ones to ask for help, because of their pride. Reassure them that they are important and are not forgotten.

The one negative thing about taking a vacation away from home is that it means your daily or weekly routine also takes some time off. Being out of town for almost three weeks meant that I wouldn’t be able to visit Health TRAC as I normally would if I were home. I try to get over there about three times a week and either walk the track or exercise in the pool. Once you’re away from your routine, it is sometimes difficult to get back on track. It took me about two weeks before I finally made the effort to return to my needed exercise time.

The Pride of America, our cruise ship for a week, did have a workout facility onboard. It was equipped with just about any type of exercise equipment you would want. It was always busy with passengers wishing to stay in shape. These were the same passengers who frequented the buffet lines at one of the many eateries onboard. There was even a deck where you could run laps if you so desired. We passed through the workout room on our way to the aft deck, so I can say that I did visit the workout area several times a day.

My point is that once you leave your routine, it is difficult to get back in the “rut”. Once I returned to Health TRAC and worked out for a while, I vowed to make these visits a vital part of my weekly schedule. The last time I went there to walk a mile, they even had ice cream treats in the lobby. Life is good and I am definitely living the dream.

I recently bought a new car. It’s similar to the car I traded in, but newer. My new car is unique. It comes with a device with which I’m pretty sure other cars aren’t equipped. On the left side of the steering wheel is a lever. If you lift the lever up a little, it engages lights located just below the right headlight and right tail light. This lets other drivers know that I’m planning to make a right turn. If you depress that magic lever down, it does the same thing to little lights located below the left headlight and left tail light.  What a concept! Hopefully, all cars and trucks will come equipped with these magic levers someday.

I don’t care if you have multiple savings accounts, great stock investments, zero balances on all of your credit cards, and winning numbers on a lottery ticket, there are at least ten things that money just can’t buy. They include manners, morals, respect, character, common sense, trust, patience, class, integrity, and love.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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