White Pigeon considers pet cemetery

White Pigeon Township officials this week are expected to consider whether to approve the creation of a public pet cemetery.
Slated for the northern end of White Pigeon Township Cemetery on Vermont Street, the proposal would have an initial plot of 1,040 graves.
The idea was raised at the township’s July meeting and is on Tuesday’s agenda for additional deliberation.
Township Supervisor Don Gloy said there are about 100 private pet cemeteries in the state, but White Pigeon’s would likely be the first one in the public domain.
Jean Tefft, township office coordinator, said the 4-by-6-foot sites would cost $200 each and a full burial $175. Cremation burial would be $125. The cemetery would be available to anyone’s pet, not just those residing in White Pigeon Township.
Tuesday’s meeting starts at 7 p.m.

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