Out and About – Week of September 21st

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who share my interest in Facebook. I’ve learned a lot from Facebook, and it’s a way of keeping up on current events and what’s happening in the lives of those friends and acquaintances. I’m intrested in hearing about trips that my friends are planning, but I wonder why they post these plans on Facebook or another form of social media. Burglars and vandals are interested in knowing when you’ll be out of town. I understand they also enjoy surfing the web and making friends via social media. They also love hearing about all those expensive purchases you just made. They especially like it when pictures are included in the postings. It’s great when you can take a trip somewhere fun, or when you can make that purchase you’ve been saving for, but there are some things that are safer to keep to yourself. As far as taking that exotic trip, wait until you come home to talk about it. You can then bore everyone with those selfies you took in front of the Grand Canyon.

This is a big week for St. Joe County. Centreville has increased its population considerably due to the St. Joe County Grange Fair now taking place at the fairgrounds. If you decide to take the family to the fair, look for me, and I’ll be happy to assist you in getting around the fairgrounds. I have the privilege of driving one of the golf carts that provide transportation to those who’d rather ride than walk from the parking area to the Midway. There are several golf carts available to provide rides to anywhere on the property, and this service is FREE. They especially come in handy during any unexpected rainfall.

I’ve mentioned several times, be sure to visit the exhibit barns. You’ll be amazed just how much talent and dedication our 4H members have in their interests.

Many things happen here in Three Rivers thanks to the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce. Most of us take these things for granted, because they just seem to happen and we don’t pay that much attention as to how they came to be. The Three Rivers Water Festival is a prime example. This particular event requires many months of planning and couldn’t happen without the many dedicated volunteers.

The Chamber’s mission is to promote, engage, and enhance business throughout the Three Rivers area. They also have a vision, which involves a commitment to develop a collaborative relationship with our community and provide resources, programs and benefits that are essential for economic growth and community advancement. The annual Harmony Fest is another example of the Chamber of Commerce working with the Downtown Development Authority to provide the type of family environment that can be beneficial to everyone involved. The Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Development Authority are always looking for volunteers with new ideas. Give this some thought and make a commitment.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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