Out and About – Week of October 12th

Like many my age, my health is closer to the top of my priority list than it was fifteen years ago. I had a heart attack in 2001, and have been on some sort of medication since then. I’m also a Type II Diabetic. I was on insulin for about a year, but I’m now able to control my numbers by watching my diet and taking prescribed medication. The thought of having a stroke sort of scares me, so I try to do what I can to avoid that happening.
Thanks to the internet, here are several ways that you can tell if someone is having a stroke. Just another thing worth reading and remembering. An easy way to remember these signs is to remember the three letters S – T – R.
“S” – Ask the individual to “SMILE”
“T” – Ask the person to “TALK” and speak a simple sentence. “Chicken Soup”
might be a great example.
“R” – Ask the person to “RAISE” both arms.
A new sign would be to have the individual stick out their tongue. If it is crooked, in other words goes to one side of the mouth or the other, the chances are that s/he is having a stroke.
One neurologist suggests that if you can get to a victim, check them for the signs of a stroke, and get medical help within three hours, the effects of the stroke can be totally reversed.
Knowing CPR is also something worth your time. CPR classes are being held all the time. I might suggest contacting a local hospital or even the local fire department. You never know when that knowledge might come in handy.
I’m usually pretty good about getting my flu shot every year. Whenever I start to question whether or not to get poked with a needle, I reflect on those times I spent on my knees praying at the porcelain throne. It doesn’t take much to convince me that getting that shot isn’t really all that bad. Two years ago I was asked if I had been vaccinated for pneumonia. I couldn’t recall, so that meant another type of shot that I’d better get.
I’m just getting over a bout with Shingles. Terry Bradshaw was right. It’s not any fun and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Well, if Charles Manson became inflicted, I probably wouldn’t shed a tear, but anyway, I’ll now be getting a Shingles vaccination every year.
I remember as a kid that we used to go through the “time to get your shots” scenario every year at school. We had to make sure our inoculations were up to date. I have never been that comfortable around needles. Every several months I need to have blood drawn for my doctor. I must applaud Lynette Daugherty and Jeri Halon at TR Health. They can draw my blood anytime. I can’t remember the last time I cried.
This is October, which means that winter will soon be here. With winter comes the flu season. Would you rather get a shot, or stay home in bed feeling lousy?
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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