Townships ask Board for road fund considerations

A pair of local township supervisors returned before the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners Tuesday and asked its members to consider sparing funds for improvements to local roadways.
Appearing with a pumpkin-shaped Halloween bucket modified as a collection vessel – with “Road Fund” printed on its side – Florence Township Supervisor Gordon Evilsizor said he is under the impression the county has plenty of money to spare.
He cited its recent financial allocations for construction of the new Sturgis Senior Centers, a Three Rivers-area sports complex and $330,000 for property purchased at the last meeting as examples of the county spending excessive amounts of money from its delinquent-tax fund.
Specifically, Evilsizor said he would like to see an allocation made to improve Constantine Road, starting in White Pigeon Township and running north all the way through Florence Township.
Evilsizor suggested commissioners set aside $1 million a year specifically for improvements on local roads.
Sherman Township Supervisor Bruce Bart addressed commissioners after Evilsizor and said he understands Evilsizor’s frustration.

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