Events mark 10 years of Kalamazoo Promise scholarships

Events this week are marking the 10th anniversary of the Kalamazoo Promise free-tuition program.

The anonymously funded plan, announced in the fall of 2005, pays the college tuition of students who graduate from Kalamazoo Public Schools in Michigan.

The Kalamazoo Gazette reports PromiseNet 2015 takes place Tuesday through Thursday. The conference brings together communities emulating the Kalamazoo Promise. Education and government officials are among those attending.

The Kalamazoo Promise 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala is Wednesday night. An earlier celebration to mark the first decade of the program took place in August.

The Kalamazoo Promise has provided $67 million in scholarships. Close to 4,000 students have taken advantage of the program.  (AP)

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