Roads funding topic of discussion for county commission

For the third time in three months, Florence Township Supervisor Gordon Evilszior asked members of the county commission to consider funding a rehab of what is generally considered the worst road in St. Joseph County.
Evilsizor has been seeking assistance to help correct a stretch of Constantine Road in White Pigeon and Florence townships. The north-south route forms the border with Constantine Township.
Evilsizor’s appeal Tuesday remained consistent with his previous statements. He once again said an amount not to exceed $1.5 million would likely address the condition of Constantine Road.
He said he discussed road funding with State Rep. Aaron Miller last week and was dismayed to find out the recently approved funding package for Michigan roads won’t kick in until 2018.
Evilsizor said the issue needs to be addressed in 2016.
Commissioners did not respond to Evilsizor’s statements, in keeping with protocol during the Citizen Comment portion of the meeting.

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