Mark My Words – Christmas shopping for my wife!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I do not mind going Black Thursday/Friday shopping. Even though I made a few mistakes this year with my shopping that night, which caused me to have to make a few returns the next day, I still find some fun in it all. I think partly because I am not one of those camping out of a store for days or standing in a mob waiting to push the doors down to save $15 on a coffee maker. Aside from the sheer madness of waiting in a line and then stampeding into a store to save a few bucks, I don’t even drink coffee!
We are just a week away from Christmas, which in itself seems impossible. It feels as if I just put the tree and all the decorations away and here we are again. This year has flown by in a flash.
With the time until the big day ticking down at lightning speed, my wife and I have pretty much wrapped up our shopping, as it relates to our children. We have not physically wrapped the presents, however. That will be a Christmas Eve, after the children are nestled all snug in their beds, activity. The fact that we have our shopping done in itself, is a big deal. I remember last year, Christmas Eve night, I was out shopping for a few more things that we needed, forgot to get or whatever the excuse was.
I used to thrive on that. It was not uncommon for me to START shopping on Christmas Eve. Of course, back then, I was not a Black Friday shopper. Funny how times have changed.
Thanks to my wife and I for getting our act together, the kids had their lists done before Thanksgiving, and in all honestly, we started shopping well before that. Again, very impressive for us.
While everything seems to be going my way, in terms of “Christmas Readiness”, I am still behind the eight ball in one key area.
I have no clue what to get for my wife.
This happens every year.
And it is frustrating.
What is even more frustrating is that she doesn’t seem to have the same problem when it comes to shopping for me. She claims that she pays more attention to what I say, so when I mention that I would like to have something or need something, she makes a mental note of it.
Is that true, or am I just easier to buy for? One of my drawbacks when shopping for her is that I fear disappointment in my gift giving. But I am not so sure that she drops hints, either. I would like to think I would remember hearing her say something of such importance.
Sure, there is the occasional talk about a swimming pool, but I can say with a good deal of certainty, that she would not be overly pleased if I went ahead and made that purchase.
So, here it is, a few days before Christmas, and for whatever the reason is, I am scratching my head as to what I should get for my wife.
If you see me walking aimlessly around the store, feel free to offer a few suggestions. I am definitely willing to listen!
Oh, and by the way. If your suggestion is that I should listen to my wife more…..yea, I got that one loud and clear!
Hey, come to think of it, I wonder if I say that out loud in front of her, if she can wrap that and put it under the tree for me.
It is worth a shot!
Merry Christmas!

Submitted by Mark McGlothlen

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