Out and About – Week of November 30th

By now, everyone probably has had their fill of turkey sandwiches along with all the other goodies that go along with Thanksgiving. If you did any traveling over the holiday, you should be home safe and sound. We always dine out for Thanksgiving, so we don’t have the privilege of going to the refrigerator and preparing a leftover meal. We did, however, have a very nice Thanksgiving get together with family at a very nice eatery.
I have never been a big fan of participating in “Black Friday”. You know, that one day of the year when many shoppers camp out in front of the big box stores anxiously awaiting that magic hour when the doors open and everyone makes a mad dash looking for those items that are on sale, unaware of the fact that three weeks prior to “Black Friday”, those “on-sale” items were gradually marked up a dollar or two. Here’s a shocking fact that you might find hard to believe. After all the price mark downs, these merchants still make a substantial profit. To those who fight and claw their way through the aisles searching for that perfect gift, I wish you the best. I sincerely hope you had a wonderful time and were successful in finding those perfect gifts. I can only hope that you were respectful to the sales clerks who were there to assist you and keep order.
As you begin your Christmas shopping and are aware that you only have 23 or 24 days left to shop, this would be the perfect time to remind you that the local firefighters here in Three Rivers are also getting ready for their annual “Firefighters for Santa”. Firefighter Josh Griffin, who is heading up this year’s project, would like everyone to be aware that they can help make this Christmas memorable for many less fortunate.
All schools in the Three Rivers area will have collection boxes for new toys. Other drop-off points include LA’s Coffee Cafe, City Hall, and Biggby’s. The firefighters have also arranged to have their own “Firefighters for Santa” headquarters, located at 3 North Main Street, in downtown Three Rivers. You may call 269-278-3755, should you have more than the usual number of gifts, and someone will open the headquarters so that you may make your delivery. You may phone 269-278-3755 should you have any questions.
Gifts and monetary donations will be accepted through December 19. The preparation of the gifts will be done December 20 and 21, and all gifts will be delivered on Tuesday, December 22.
This year marks the ninth year that the firefighters have undertaken this “Give Back to the Community” event. Over the years, the number of families served has grown to around 100 families. I have been fortunate to assist the firefighters in this event in past years, and I can tell you for a fact that there is no greater feeling than making sure that a child has a very Merry Christmas, and that a family less fortunate, has a festive Christmas dinner. It’s everyone’s responsibility to care for each other and for those in need.
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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