Miscommunication leads to emergency response team activation

Miscommunication, coupled with a language barrier and post-Vietnam War issues, resulted in tense moments Thursday at a Mottville residence.
Michigan State Police were called to a home on Thomas Street to check on the well-being of a woman. Troopers had been led to believe the woman was being held at the home against her will.
She had communicated to a friend and neighbor that if she left the home, her husband would kill her and himself.
About six months ago, St. Joseph County Sheriff ’s deputies had gone to the home to investigate a dispute. At that time, officers learned there were firearms in the home.
On Thursday, fearing for the safety of the woman, state police activated its emergency response team, negotiating team and department psychologist.
As members of the team took positions near the home, the woman exited on her own will.
She told police she was leaving to go to work.
After discussion with the woman, officials learned that she wanted police called to get the man help from the Veterans Administration, and not because she believed her life was in danger.

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