Video shows Furlong’s confession

A Grand Rapids-based television station has released a segment on Daniel Furlong, the man who confessed to killing 11-year-old Jodi Parrack in 2007.
Video of Furlong being interviewed by investigators and prosecutor John McDonough was obtained by WOOD-TV. It showed the 65-year-old Furlong describing how he sought Parrack’s help in his garage as she was biking home in November 2007 in the village of Constantine.
Furlong said Parrack agreed to help and he subsequently grabbed her, took her into his garage and put her in a fishing boat. Furlong said he zip-tied Parrack’s hands behind her back, at which point she asked if he would let her go.
Furlong said he molested Parrack but did not rape her. He said Parrack was still alive when he put her in his truck and drove her to Constantine Township Cemetery, where he placed a plastic bag over her head, causing her to suffocate and die.
Furlong is scheduled to be sentenced Monday.

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