Out and About – Week of February 8th

I was walking from the post office to the Commercial-News office the other day, when I realized that as I was walking, I was making sure that I didn’t step on one of the cracks in the sidewalk. After all, if you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back. Since my mother passed away in 1986, I’m pretty sure that rule doesn’t apply to me anymore. I’ll continue to avoid cracks in the sidewalk, not only out of respect for my mother, but also because it’s one of those things I find difficult to change.
Most of us have traits that have become just a way of doing things. Brushing your teeth, for example. I wonder how many of you brush your teeth the same way every time you do this ritual. Do you start on your top set of teeth, brushing up and down on the outside, then across the top of the teeth, and finally do the inside, still moving up and down? If you’re a man, do you shave the same way every time you shave? How about taking a shower? Do you wash your hair first or save it for your final procedure?
Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all creatures of habit, and it’s too much work to change certain habits, especially when they don’t affect anyone else.
There are some habits we should never change. Ending a phone call to a loved one by saying, “I love you” is a great example. I’m thinking that it’s a bit more difficult for a man to express certain “sweet” sentiments than it is for a woman. I guess that’s just the way it is.
I’m curious in knowing how many couples still kiss each other before leaving for work in the morning, especially if they’ve been married for more than ten years. I don’t recall my parents ever doing this. What I’m getting at is that I think it’s important to remind each other how much we mean to one another. By doing so, we might change the outcome of our day. Going to bed angry or leaving for work with a chip on your shoulder is not a good thing.
In looking over what I’ve written so far, I can’t help but feel that I’m coming across as some sort of authority on how to get along better with each other and how to let those we love, know how we feel. I don’t possess a college degree in anything, but I do have a lot of friends that I care about and love, and I feel good after I’ve let them know my feelings. Perhaps if we did more praising and less criticizing, the world would be a better place. When it comes to voting for a politician, the one who avoids slinging mud gets my vote.
Leo Buscaglia was a promoter of hugging. He felt that hugging someone did a lot of good. I couldn’t agree more. I come from a family of huggers, so it’s easy for me to hug someone. I’ve even been known to give a “bro-hug” to many of my male friends. The thing about giving someone a hug, is that you always get a hug in return. Try it sometime. It’s a good habit to get into.
There’s a lot of love in this week’s column. Share some of it.
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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