Constantine accepts FOP labor contract

Members of the Constantine Village Council last week accepted a three-year contract with the Michigan Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council.
The contract, which becomes effective April 1, affects three full-time officers – Lt. Marc Donker, and officers Josh Wiard and Brian Fred – and three part-time officers, Holly Cerny, Jeff Schommer and Dalton Edwards.
Village manager Mark Honeysett said the labor council worked well with him. He said changes in the new contract include a 3 percent increase for officers in the first year and a 2 percent increase for each of the following two years. It also includes a raise for part-time officers from $12 to $14 an hour, and $21 an hour for time-and-a-half or holidays.
Honeysett also mentioned a police cruiser was totaled in a six-car accident in dense fog more than a week ago in White Pigeon Township.
Honeysett said he intends to shop for a new car; likely a Chevy Impala.

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