County begins new adult protective services process

A new Adult Protective Services Centralized Intake process was made official during a signing-in ceremony Friday in Centreville.
Led by probate court judge David Tomlinson, the signing-in marks the culmination of a plan nearly six years in the making.
The intake process ensures referrals are sent to the local office in a timely manner. Furthermore, updates to the 2016 St. Joseph County Protocol include provisions that law enforcement can more adequately respond and protect.
In addition and when warranted, the Judicial System, Department of Health and Human Services / Adult Protective Services and other local community agencies have developed communication mechanisms to facilitate prosecution so as to assure individual safety.
According to the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, 351 Adult Protective Services referrals were made in St Joseph County in 2015. The agency said 118 cases were substantiated for abuse, neglect and/or exploitation.

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