Out and About – Week of February 29th

I have recently come to the conclusion that chivalry is indeed dying. It’s just not that important anymore, much like social graces. Gentlemen don’t open doors for ladies, because ladies don’t expect or insist on it. Helping a lady off or on with her coat is something rarely seen, because gentlemen haven’t been taught this courtesy. The dying of chivalry is not always the fault of the male gender. Females have been bombarded with the idea that it is a woman’s goal to be independent. Women can get along just fine without a man getting in her way. I’m very lucky, because my best friend is one of the most independent people I know. She is a survivor and doesn’t need me for much of anything. She does, however, want me as a partner, confidant, and soulmate. She appreciates the things I do for her, and I appreciate what she does for me, so you might say that we complement each other. Excuse me, if you will, she is still out in the car waiting for me to open the car door for her. All you guys out there, let’s work together to keep chivalry alive. It will help keep that lady in your life happy.
As I get Out and About, I can’t help but watch people as they go about their business. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of folks with eyes on top of their heads. Why else would they keep their glasses up there? I’ve tried doing that, but if I do, I’m not able to see very well and my glasses get all smudged, because my hair might be a bit oily. I think it’s a vanity thing, because people always look “cool” with their glasses on top of their head, much like wearing a baseball cap backwards. I’ve never understood that concept either. I mention these things, because I’m wondering how many others feel the same way.
For two people, dining out is just about as economical as preparing meals for two at home. Besides, cleaning up is much easier. We frequent the various eateries in the Three Rivers area, so we have become friends with many of the servers who make the dining experience a most enjoyable event. I thought it would be enlightening to share some facts about what it’s like being a server. I spoke with several servers to obtain these facts, and it really made me appreciate all they do to keep their customers happy. The youngest server was twenty-two, and the oldest was sixty-two. The sixty-two-year-old has been serving for forty years, loves her job, and has no desire to do anything else. A server’s wage is very low, usually around $2.00/hour, but the tips can be as high as $150.00 a day, depending on the restaurant and the clientele. Rudeness is not appreciated, but can be handled and changed with just a couple of visits. Men have a reputation of being the better tippers and less demanding. Regular customers are usually the nicest.
I did speak with an employee of a fast-food restaurant. This employee doesn’t care much about having to wear a uniform, but loves the job, the co-workers, and those regular customers that come in everyday. She loves going in to work, because she knows she will be a contributing factor as far as how a person’s day will go after being served.
Please treat the servers out there with respect. They do a job that many would find very difficult.
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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