Mark My Words – Embrace every moment

“We’re all just kids who grew up way too fast.”

As a child, I remember thinking to myself, “I can’t wait until I am older.” Life would be so much easier if I was an adult, or so I thought. Of course, as an adult you quickly realize that life is not always as easy as you dreamed it would be!

Ah yes, the simple life of an adult. Either we were not aware of the responsibilities of being an adult or we didn’t really pay attention to our parents enough to notice. Oh, that’s right. We ignored our parents and their advice, didn’t we?

An adult can go anywhere and do anything they want. Bed times? You don’t need them as an adult. You can eat whatever you want, when you want. An adult is basically free to do whatever the heck they wanted too and didn’t have to answer to anyone.

Did I want to grow up a little faster? You bet. Being an adult is not that it is all cracked up to be, however, and we figured that out quickly.

Paying bills, being responsible, making tough decisions, working and the list goes on and on. It sure seemed like a good idea to become an adult faster, in theory anyway.

“I miss being a child. Growing up is not even close to how I imagined it.”

Now that I have been an adult for a few years (quite a few years), I have to admit I miss the carefree days of my childhood. I am not saying that I wish to go back to my younger years. Well, not always anyway.

I have those moments where I wish I could go back and do something again. I would love to hang out with my friends from sun up to sun down, running around the neighborhood, playing games that only children can invent, but most of all, just being a child. We all wish that, I suppose.

“Children — Let them be little because they’re only that way for a short while.”

Having children, however, has put this whole aging process in clear perspective for me.

I always knew I wanted to have children and I know I am a fortunate man to have the three beautiful, amazing, wonderful children that I do.

Along the course of their young lives, I have made the comment, more than once, that I cannot wait until they are older. I assume that I said that out of the frustrations we all have as parents now and again.

Lucky for me, I have a wife who reminds me every now and then of that comment and follows it up with “you are going to miss this.”

When I stop to think of my children, ages 9, 6 and 2, I can’t believe how fast time flies. Wasn’t our oldest just born? Wasn’t she just learning to walk and talk? Now our youngest is running around the house, climbing stairs and becoming a young man right before our eyes while our daughters are blossoming into beautiful young ladies. Deep down, I am not sure I want them to grow up, at least not as fast as they are. The world is not always a kind place. Having them home with us is where I like them, at least until they are ready to spread their wings. And even then, I am not sure I will be ready for it.

There are many times when I stop and look at them while they are playing, doing homework and yes, even sleeping, and I think to myself, “you will miss this,” as a few tears sneak out of my eyes and down my face.

Before you know it, they will be driving, dating, graduating and moving on. These are the times we need to cherish as they will not last forever. Embrace every single moment and make every second count. You (and your children) will benefit from it!

Submitted by Mark McGlothlen

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