Out and About – Week of May 2nd

I’m sure it was more than a couple of years ago that I mentioned the fact that Bowman Park, on North Main Street, doesn’t contain a single bench. Lafayette Park, which is also located on North Main Street, across from Hoppin School, has at least two benches. I mention this only because a reader asked me why this was the case, and I told him that I’d seek an answer as to why Bowman Park didn’t deserve a place for someone to sit down. Riverside Cemetery has quite a few benches, but they were paid for through donations to the cemetery. Perhaps someone might want to bring this up at an upcoming City Commission meeting.
Last Tuesday evening was an evening filled with celebration. Pat and Glenn Dane were honored as this year’s Bruce C. Snook Three Rivers Lions Club Citizens of the Year. Family and friends gathered at A Place in Time to roast and toast the honorees. Among those who paid homage to Pat and Glenn were State Representative Aaron Miller, Three Rivers Mayor Tom Lowry, Dan Tomlinson, Dr. Linda Evans, and Carol Hagenbuch. The evening was filled with an abundance of laughter and even a few tears. Congratulations, Pat and Glenn. We look forward to seeing you in the Water Festival parade in June.
Last week I mentioned the fact that the auto makers can’t seem to get together and place the fuel port on the same side on all cars. I also mentioned that full-service at gas stations is extremely hard to find. Once again, thanks to a reader of this column, I learned that in Oregon, self-service does not exist. Apparently it’s against the law to have patrons pump their own gasoline into their vehicles. This leads me to wonder how many of you clean your own windshield and check your oil when filling up here in Pure Michigan. It won’t be long before we won’t need customer service people at all.

STEPS TO SELF-CARE (six of eleven)
If it feels wrong, don’t do it.
Say “Exactly” what you mean.
Don’t be a people pleaser.
Trust your instincts.
Never speak badly about yourself.
Never give up on your dreams

I’d like to thank those volunteers who joined together to pick up the litter along the major highways over the past several weeks. This task has become a bit more difficult over the years, because of the number of portable meth labs that are disposed of along the highways. If you are a litterbug, shame on you. There should be a fine for highway-littering. Wait! There is a law, but there aren’t enough law enforcement personnel to enforce it. They are too busy raiding meth houses. Enough said.
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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