Several questions on August ballot

Six ballot questions – including two funding-increase requests – will appear on the August primary ballot in St. Joseph County.
The deadline for questions to appear on the ballot was Tuesday.
Sturgis Public Schools submitted its sinking-fund request shortly before the deadline after district officials agreed Monday to move forward with the request. St. Joseph County’s largest school district is seeking 1.25 mills over a 10-year period. The measure, if approved, would generate more than $500,000 a year and allow the district to make repairs on its buildings.
Leonidas Township will ask its residents for approval of an additional 1.50 mills over a 10-year period for the purchase of a new fire truck. If endorsed, the millage would generate about $63,000 annually.
Nottawa Community School hopes to restore its full 18 mills, as originally approved by voters. Due to the so-called Headlee amendment, however, the district has lost 2.7887 mills over time. The full 18 mills generate $347,000 annually and were approved by voters 10 years ago. If renewed, the measure will be in effect for a decade.
Sturgis District Library is seeking renewal of 1.10 mills for a 10-year period. The amount provides the district $481,000 a year for general operations.
White Pigeon Township Library is asking for renewal of 0.30 mills. It generates more than $56,000 annually and if approved, would be in effect for four years.
The village of White Pigeon would like to renew a millage for ambulance service. It is seeking renewal of 0.35 mills for a four-year span. If approved, the millage would raise more than $9,300 annually.

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