State House approves Detroit school reforms

State Rep. Aaron Miller has voted for a legislative package to institute sweeping reforms for Detroit Public Schools.
Miller, who serves on the House Committee on Appropriations, said without the changes, DPS could go bankrupt, leaving the state responsible for more than $3 billion in debt.
He said the finances of the new Community District will be under strict state oversight, and will remain so until it has achieved financial stability. In the meantime, the $1,100 of per-pupil funding currently being used to retire the DPS debt will be used to purchase books, restore buildings and invest in the future, Miller said.
House approval came after the Appropriations Committee approved the legislation on Tuesday. During the committee meeting, Miller questioned a spokeswoman from the American Federation of Teachers on the motivation behind sick-outs by Detroit teachers that caused schools to close for the day Monday and Tuesday and forced tens of thousands of Detroit students to miss school.
Miller said legislators need to put the kids in Detroit first, and that is not what the teachers and their union are doing.
The bills now go to the Senate for consideration.

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