Commissioners make fund-balance designation changes

Some minor but important changes to the county’s fund-balance designations were made by commissioners Tuesday.
Finance director Joni Smith said one of the two moves provides assurance that the county won’t have to borrow money when treasurer Judie Ratering conducts the annual delinquent-tax process.
The delinquent-tax process needs $6 million every year to cash flow itself, Smith said, so keeping that amount in the delinquent-tax fund provides assurance that the allocation will always be there.
Prior to Tuesday’s action, commissioners had allocated just $800,000 for the delinquent-tax process.
The other move commissioners made Tuesday centered on designating more than $77,000 to a fund dedicated toward animal-shelter improvements. The money was previously in an account titled “Fairview” in the Facilities Maintenance Fund.
Smith reiterated the $77,000 isn’t new money; its designation is merely being changed.
The $77,000 was left from the county’s sale of the Fairview nursing home in Centreville 20 years ago.

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