County Treasurer details financial information to commission

St. Joseph County Treasurer Judie Ratering in 2015 collected more than $33 million from local treasurers.
The figure was one of many Ratering provided during a recent county commission meeting.
Ratering said the funds were disbursed twice each month to the taxing entities. In addition, her office has recently settled with all townships and cities, and is prepared to pay out more than $4 million to purchase all unpaid delinquent taxes.
Ratering said the biggest change for her office in 2015 was it now prints summer and winter tax bills in-house for most townships. The procedure was previously performed by the equalization department. With extra equipment and rearranged duties within the office, Ratering said printing deadlines will only improve.
Finally, Ratering noted excess proceeds in the foreclosure fund amounted to nearly $135,000, which would be transferred to the county’s general fund.

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