Debate continues over condition of Constantine Road

St. Joseph County Commissioner Don Eaton had sharp words for a Florence Township official who complained Tuesday about the state of Constantine Road.
Gordon Evilsizor, who has regularly chastised commissioners for their lack of supporting a plan to fix the balance of Constantine Road through Florence Township, repeated his concerns during the citizen-comment portion of the agenda.
Eaton said it was hypocritical to say commissioners don’t have a plan to fix Constantine Road when Evilsizor himself did not seek a solution as the road deteriorated.
Eaton said there are 15 other townships in the county that each has their own worst road, as Constantine Road is to Florence Township.
Earlier in the meeting, Evilsizor said he was promised some time ago by a pair of commissioners a meeting to further discuss Constantine Road would be scheduled. He reminded them Tuesday that he is still waiting.
Evilsizor also alleged at least one board member has indicated Florence Township has the money to help pay for fixing Constantine Road. Evilsizor said it is a false claim.

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