Reaction to Evilsizor’s comments

Members of the St. Joseph County Road Commission Board on Wednesday reacted to complaints registered by a Florence Township official the night before.

Township supervisor Gordon Evilsizor addressed the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, continuing his campaign in support of a plan to improve Constantine Road.

Evilsizor simultaneously criticized the board of commissioners for not developing a plan to fix the road and the road commission for letting the roadway deteriorate to the point that it has.

Road commission chair Dave Allen said fixing Constantine Road is the township’s responsibility. Meanwhile, board member John Bippus detailed a funding plan that Evilsizor and the township board might wish to consider.

He said it would cost more than $1.6 million to crush and reshape the portion of roadway exclusively in Florence Township, an area that covers about six miles. A township-wide special assessment, coupled with potential funding from the road commission or a possible loan from the county commission, could reduce the cost to the township’s residents to $165 to $200 per taxable parcel, Bippus said.

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