David Bresson, 66

With a heart-of-gold and his bright smile, David Bresson was a joy to know and love. It was easy to see how much he dearly loved his family by the way he glowed each and every time he spoke of them, and being surrounded by them just didn’t get any better for David. A friend of many and a stranger to none, David was admired for ways that were all his own by everyone he came in contact with. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he was someone with whom others could depend. For those who knew him best, he will be deeply missed.

The 1950s was a pivotal time for the American automobile industry. Post World War II brought a wide range of new technologies to the automobile consumer as the industry was growing at a rapid pace. The decade also sculpted the culture of America. Everything from music to movies, art and media to beloved comic strips and cartoons introduced households to a whole new way of life. With manufacturing and home construction on the rise, the economy boomed, yet amid these exciting times, the Korean War monopolized the news waves and the ever-present threat of a Cold War loomed. It was most certainly a time of change in the lives of Franz and Janet (Meadows) Bresson when on May 22, 1950, they welcomed the birth of their little boy, David “LeRoy” Bresson into their arms.

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan and raised in the rural farm area of Kalamazoo, David clearly made his soon-to-be-born welcome known as his mother was whisked away to the hospital on a motorcycle! The third of the eventually four Bresson children, David grew up alongside his siblings, Chuck and Luke Ormanovich, Daniel, and Carla. Having retired from the U.S. Army, his father went on to support their thriving household as a machine operator at Armstrong’s in nearby Three Rivers, and he later worked for the county. His mother looked after their household and stocked shelves at the Big Wheel, a discount department store in Three Rivers.

David led a childhood typical of his generation enjoying the adventures of rural living. He learned much during his time as a Boy Scout, and the outdoors came to be exhilarating for him. David loved nothing more than being in the outdoors where he loved working on the farm, especially in the garden. From his earliest years and beyond, the outdoors brought David a sense of peace as he took in all it had to offer.

During his youth, David was close to his Uncle Jim and often paled around with him. He especially loved driving his uncle’s ‘51 Ford tractor. David also enjoyed going to his Uncle Glaydon Miller’s house, particularly when he was older and could appreciate his uncle’s old hit-and-miss stationary engine running in the backyard. David possessed a great love for his mother and father. Quite close to his dad, some of David’s most precious memories included the times he rode alongside his father in the plow truck when his dad worked for the county.

The local schools provided David with his early education before graduating from Schoolcraft High School in 1969. Following high school, David proudly joined the U.S. Navy and left for boot camp. For over a year he was stationed off the shores of Bermuda on the USS Yorkshire during the Vietnam War. After the service, David was married for a brief time, becoming the proud father of two daughters, Rhonda and Peggy.

In 1976, a young woman by the name of Sherry Franks came to win David’s heart. Her nephew worked with David at a local nursery and introduced them. David was working on his Cutlass, and Sherry announced, “That’s the man I’m going to marry!” Even though he was 26 and Sherry was 16, she always thought of David as a “hottie” and continued to do so throughout the next 39 years of their lives together. Married that very same year on October 18, 1976, they happily shared vows of marriage at the Baptist Church in Mendon.

The newlyweds lived with Sherry’s sister, Nancy for a short time and later moved in with her other sister, Connie. Before long they added to their family with the birth of their daughter, Carrie whom David lovingly called, “Burger”, and later their son, Tony came along. As a father, David served as an example for his children to live by. He lovingly corrected them when needed, and he disciplined with love. Along with his two daughters from his previous marriage, Rhonda and Peggy, David loved his children more than anything.

A jack-of-all-trades, David loved electronics and was always working on something. He was a Ham radio operator with the call letters, KA8MMA and the nickname, Indian Joe. His brother-in-law, Bob had his own nickname for David, with that being “Percy”, as in Prissy! He built his own dune buggy and he loved taking the kids for exciting rides on the hills in White Pigeon. A bit of a pack-rat, David had nearly three of everything used and then some! He even loved selling his treasures at the area flea market.

David’s love for the outdoors continued. He loved fishing, hunting, and most outdoor sports. He enjoyed taking his family camping where great times were shared by all, and he liked going to tractor shows. Never far from David’s side was his canine companion, Tasha, a German shepherd. He loved his dog and spoiled her rotten! However, when David became a grandfather, he was truly in his element and he savored every moment spent with his grandchildren.

Florida was near and dear to David’s heart. Even when his health began to suffer, he still always longed to live there. Although he loved his church in Three Rivers, David’s true church “home” was in Florida.

David defined the meaning of all things good. He was kind natured, and his heart-of-gold was evident through his genuine, beautiful smile which will be long remembered. He’d do anything for anyone, and never expect anything in return. Though deeply missed, David’s heart lives on in the lives of those he leaves behind.

David “LeRoy” Bresson, of Three Rivers, MI passed away on Friday, July 1, 2016, at the age of 66. He is survived by his wife of 39 years, Sherry; his children: Rhonda, Peggy, Carrie and Tony; grandchildren: Tyler, Travis, Khrystal, Ashley, Jonathan, Kyle, Little David Wayne (passed), Tony Jr., Angel, Karl, and Jennifer; and his mother, Janet. He is preceded in death by his brothers, Luke and Daniel; his father, Franz; and three grandsons.

David’s family will receive friends on Thursday, July 7, 2016, at 9:00am at Riverside Church in Three Rivers until time of his service at 10:00am. Please visit David’s web page at www.lifestorynet.com where you can sign his online guestbook, and share a favorite memory and/or photo. Those who wish may make a contribution to the family by visiting www.gofundme.com.

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