Out and About – Week of July 11th

“The customer is always right” is a phrase that has been around for years. Ninety percent of the time, it’s the truth. Let’s concentrate for a moment on the other ten percent.
The uninformed might become extremely upset because they were told that they were not allowed to bring outside food or beverages into an eating establishment. The customer thought that this was totally acceptable. The health department has rules on bringing outside food and beverages into a restaurant. If someone were to bring their own food in, and then get sick from that week-old tuna sandwich, they could blame the restaurant. I wonder how many are aware of this rule enforced by the health department. Also, I can’t imagine someone purchasing a pizza purchased from an Italian eatery and taking it into another family restaurant to eat. To me, it just doesn’t make sense. Besides it’s just plain rude. One final comment concerning the health department. If you are not a working employee, you have no business behind the service counter or in the kitchen of a restaurant.
Let me bring up common courtesy, please. I love restaurants, so I’ll use a typical restaurant as an example. Most restaurants have set hours of operation. For instance, an eatery with hours from 6 AM until 2 PM, most likely open for breakfast and lunch. It’s amazing how many patrons will enter a restaurant like this at 1:45 PM. They are oblivious to the fact that the restaurant would like to close for the day in fifteen minutes. These are the patrons who have never run a restaurant. If the restaurant owner is smart, he/she would make it known that the kitchen closes thirty minutes prior to closing.
I guess what I’ve tried to emphasize is that we should all have more consideration for our fellow man, or woman, whatever the case might be. Walk a mile in their shoes. As for the business owner, if you don’t like people, stay out of the customer service business. When you go into business, you must realize that you will never please all of the people all of the time. Keep a smile on your face and have a special room at home that has padded walls and a punching bag, because that room will come in handy more times than you realize.
This is the time of the year to really get Out and About. With the kids out of school, it’s the perfect time to load the family into the car and check out “Pure Michigan”. If you have the time, head north to Mackinaw City and check out the Mackinac Bridge. The Mackinac Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. It spans over the Straits of Mackinac and connects the upper and lower peninsulas. It is also where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet. It is known as “The Mighty Mac” and took over three years to complete. It finally opened to traffic in 1957. There, you have had your geography lesson for the day. There might be a quiz in a week or so.
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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