Miller calls for investigation in Flint garbage crisis

State Rep. Aaron Miller, a member of the House Committee on Appropriations, has called for an investigation and opinion of the latest crisis in the city of Flint regarding cost savings pertaining to garbage collection.
Miller expressed concern in his letter to Attorney General Bill Schuette that fiscal frugality is not being exercised in Flint and whether the law is being followed.
Miller’s letter to Schuette argues that emergency manager orders must be followed.  A specific order from 2015 says that the mayor and city council must “safeguard the financial stability of the city by seeking out, approving and implementing cost-saving measures recommended by the city administrator, the board, or both.”
Miller said the mayor and one other council member seem to get the idea, but the rest of the council hasn’t caught on to the concept of ‘cost-saving measures’ yet.
He said awards to the lowest responsible bidder are not being followed by the city council.

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