White Pigeon honors citizen

A stretch of East Murray Avenue in the village of White Pigeon was dedicated last weekend to honor a prominent citizen of the community.
The ceremonial gesture calls for the street to also be known as Hank Moorehouse Avenue.
A well-known figure in the world of magic and illusion, Moorehouse passed away in 2011 while performing in China.
His four grandchildren and a great-grandchild were among the family members present during the ceremony, which included words from village president Dan Czajkowski; Moorehouse’s son, Buddy; magician and associate Graham Putnam; and filmmaker Brian Kruger, who is putting together a documentary about Moorehouse.
Czajkowski said he fondly recalls Moorehouse entertaining his children and others in the community with his magic shows. Czajkowski called Moorehouse, who spent the final 28 years of his life in White Pigeon, “one of those good, solid citizens here in the village of White Pigeon.”
Municipal officials last month approved the honorary designation. For village and postal service purposes, however, East Murray Avenue will remain the official street designation.

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