Out and About – Week of December 26th

This is the final column for 2016. I’m taking the rest of the year off and recharging my brain. I do this at this time every year. The next column will be on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.
One of the weird things about beginning a new year is remembering to change the year when writing a check. Then, with all the modern technology, who writes checks anymore?
Last Thursday was a day for celebrating. Last Thursday, the days started to get a little longer. Not in a major way, mind you, but by a minute or two every day. One of the signs that spring will be here sooner than we think. I must admit, however, I’m sort of enjoying this winter. Having a powerful snow blower makes all the difference in the world. Also, I haven’t been bitten by a mosquito in days.
Things have changed a bit in the Stutesman household. On Pearl Harbor Day, this past December 7, our cat Dixie crossed the “Rainbow Bridge”. She was probably around fourteen years old, and had been a tremendous addition to our family. I’ve never been much of a pet person. I’ve owned a couple of small dogs, but I’ve never been one who enjoyed picking up an animal and showing it a lot of attention. My wife, on the other hand, has had a soft spot in her heart for felines. Yet, when one of our cats has passed on, I’m the one who takes it the hardest. Anyway, we recently made a trip to Animal Control and adopted two cats. We immediately took them to the local vet, where they received the needed immunizations and checked for fleas. Peaches and Patches are now getting used to their new surroundings and have already started their “Home Defense” training.
We highly recommend a visit to Animal Control. The staff is very caring and will make sure you leave with a dog or cat that will fit your family unit. All the animals need a good home. In exchange for a good home, they will give you a heart full of love and devotion. They may not be pure-breds, but they are willing to adapt to your lifestyle. All they ask is a little patience and a lot of love.
This is the season when many of us have a chance of coming down with a winter cold and an occasional sore throat. My mother always had that little blue jar of Vicks Vapor-Rub in the medicine cabinet. By applying this salve to a rag, then securing the rag around your neck, your cold would usually give up the fight in a day or so. This is not one of those “Urban Myths”. It actually works.
Here are a few other cures that can be obtained by using this magic concoction in the little blue jar:
As a decongestant, just rub this stuff on your chest and under your nose.
For annoying coughs, rub generously on your feet, then cover with socks. This will minimize the coughing.
If you have sore muscles, apply the salve to those muscles.
If a headache is getting on your nerves, rub a small amount to your temples and forehead.
If your child is experiencing an ear ache, apply a small amount to a cotton ball and place in the achy ear. From past experience, I can say this actually works.
If nail fungus is taking away the beauty of your toes, rub this salve on the fungus-laden toenail. The nail will turn a dark color as it kills the fungus. The dark color will go away, as the nail grows out.
To have a little fun with your cat, let your kitty smell the Vapo-Rub as you open the jar. Have a camera ready when you try this.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I’ll see you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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