County commissioners agree to contract renewal

Despite some reservations, the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners last week agreed to renew an antenna-lease contract with the city of Sturgis.
The pact will cost the county $7,350 in all over the life of the seven-year deal for maintenance plus an additional $1 annually for the space.
Central Dispatch Director Dennis Brandenburg said the antenna supports radio-communication for police, fire and ambulance personnel throughout the county.
Commissioner Dan Czajkowski said the original agreement precedes his time as a commissioner and conceded the city of Sturgis has a right to charge what it deems appropriate. Still, he voiced reservations about terms of the renewal.
He said considering the amount of money the county has spent in the Sturgis area in the last year, however, it is unfortunate the city would not have considered waiving the fee.
The county in 2016 provided Sturgis $1.6 million toward the purchase of land for a four-field athletic complex. It also put up $2.6 million toward development of a Commission On Aging-operated senior center.

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