Residents voice COA concerns

The idea of a Commission On Aging senior center at Meyer Broadway Park might be dead before it even gained traction.
Commissioner John Dobberteen during the March 15 work session suggested the location to replace the current COA senior center in Three Rivers. It is located in the south half of a building shared with the Three Rivers Public Library.
The city has indicated it would like to sell the building, a measure that would allow the COA to utilize the entire building once the library relocates to a new site in Three Rivers’ downtown district.
In light of what would likely be a considerable sum to renovate the interior of the building and replace its flat roof, Dobberteen suggested putting the money toward a new building instead.
After the idea was scrutinized by a few residents during Tuesday’s county commission meeting, Dobberteen revisited the suggestion.
Dobberteen said his comment was “just me thinking out loud, I wasn’t directing anyone to build a building at Meyer Broadway Park,” Dobberteen said.
Constantine resident Rebecca Shank told commissioners the current COA site is in an easy-to-reach neighborhood with adequate parking and lighting. She said the senior center would lose its appeal if it was located in an area as isolated as Meyer Broadway.

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