CMHSAS compliance under scrutiny

The makeup of the Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Board of St. Joseph County is under scrutiny.
To be in compliance with the state’s Mental Health Code related to such panels, it must include members who themselves or are related to someone who – past or present – has undergone some form of counseling.
The debate centers on whether any of the current 11 members of what is at full strength a 12-member board, meets the requirement.
Tim Carmichael, who was voted board chairman during the agency’s monthly meeting Tuesday, stood by the opinion of its attorney, John McGlinchey.
He said the board is adequately comprised and confirmed the issue with its legal counsel.
In an unrelated matter, the board met in closed session and discussed a performance audit currently being conducted on CMHSAS executive director Liz O’Dell. Dobberteen afterward said the audit is in its infancy but will likely be completed by no later than mid-May.
O’Dell is currently on paid administrative leave while the audit is taking place.

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