CMHSAS to re-establish finance committee

Members of the Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Board of St. Joseph County have agreed to re-establish a finance committee.
Board member John Dobberteen suggested the idea near the conclusion of Tuesday’s monthly board meeting.
He suggested the reformed finance committee be made up of one or two CMH board members and also include finance directors from both hospitals within the county. Dobberteen said he’d be open to the idea of including one other finance director, perhaps from the county or a business.
Board member Rick Shaffer agreed. He said the CMHSAS board several months ago talked about integration with other health-care facilities. He said the time is right to widen the gap and bring in other health-care partners in the county.
Tim Carmichael, who took over the role of board chairman from Larry Walton following a board vote earlier in the evening, suggested the process should start by reaching out to other entities and gauge whether they are interested in the proposal.

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