Fair begins replacing trees

The St. Joseph County Grange Fair is beginning a program to replace its decades-old trees with new ones starting this year.
Fair manager Bill Johnson said a common scene in photographs of the St. Joseph County Grange Fairgrounds from its earliest years to current times is the numerous trees that surround the property.
These same trees are now being replaced because they have become a liability to have people around them. The project will be in coordination with Earth Day 2017, and the actual planting occurring at 8 a.m. Wednesday.
In keeping with tradition, the fair is replacing each tree that is either taken down or fallen with a new one. Johnson said the fair expects to remove and replace 14 trees this year.
The fairgrounds is working with Idriss Nursery in replacing trees with a three-inch base and will start with maple trees. The cost estimate is $400 per tree with a one-year warranty.
The St. Joseph County FFA Chapter will be assisting in the planting and educational process being taught by Ramsey Idriss.

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