Glen Oaks holds commencement ceremony

Glen Oaks Community College staged its 49th commencement ceremony Friday.
In all, 112 of the college’s 152 graduates took part in Friday’s ceremony. College officials said the youngest graduate was 18, the oldest 58 and average age of graduates was 24 1/2. Three dual-enrollment students and one Early Middle College student were a part of the ceremony.
Glen Oaks President David Devier also presented a number of special awards. The accolades were:
*Distinguished Alumni Award: Mark Zona.
*Fellows Award: Dennis P. McCarthy.
*Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award: Michael White.
*Outstanding Service Award: Kathleen Patrick.
*President’s Award: Jeremy Gooch.
*E.J. Shaheen Chair For Teaching Excellence: Sarah Simmons.
Simmons, a native of Scotts, is a chemistry instructor and has degrees from Albion College and the University of Michigan.

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