Restored cannon returned to Scidmore Park

A link to history has been restored and returned to its prominent location along West Michigan Avenue in Three Rivers.
Following a $9,700 refurbishing of its carriage, the Scidmore Park cannon is back on public display.
Amy Roth, Department of Public Services director, said the work on the carriage was done at the behest of the city in conjunction with the March to the Sea Camp 135 of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. The project was identified in 2015 and a fundraising effort followed.
Camp 135 secretary/treasurer Bruce Gosling said his group’s involvement stemmed from the cannon’s historical significance.
Funding the rehabilitation included contributions from the Three Rivers Area Community Foundation, the city itself and Camp 135. Gosling said the fundraising effort was boosted by generous contributions from Sturgis and Century banks, Omni Community Credit Union and the Three Rivers VFW.
Gosling said the old carriage was made of a wood frame and had weathered to the point that necessitated its replacement. The new carriage is made of steel and will fare much better through the four seasons, he noted.
The city and Camp 135 are working to stage a rededication ceremony this summer. The cannon and its new carriage were put back in their familiar location in late April.

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