Constantine Road work bid signed

After decades of neglect and years of complaints about its condition, Constantine Road is finally on tap for some attention.
St. Joseph County Road Commission Manager Chris Minger said a bid to reconstruct Constantine Road, from White Pigeon Township to half a mile north of Stears Road, was signed Friday and the work will begin later this summer.
The work will be done thanks to financial pledges from four sources: $170,000 from the road commission, $50,000 each from the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners, and Constantine and Florence Townships, and $20,000 from White Pigeon Township.
The plan was in jeopardy after Florence Township Supervisor Gordon Evilsizor threatened to pull his portion of the funding because the roadwork is not being completed all the way to Mintdale Road, as once promised by the road commission, he said.
Evilsizor, however, said he relented in the best interest of the three townships in which Constantine Road passes.
White Pigeon Township is contributing a pro-rated amount, as only four-tenths of the two-mile stretch of work fall within its jurisdiction.

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