Murder suspect jailed in Centreville

A man accused of killing two people last week has been returned to St. Joseph County from Indiana, where he was arrested Friday.
Zachary Patten, 32, was brought to the county jail in Centreville Saturday morning. He waived extradition from Indiana after turning himself in to a pair of South Bend officers.
Patten is accused of killing a 31-year-old Kalamazoo woman at a mobile-home park in Kalamazoo County late Thursday. She was not the intended victim, officials have said.
Patten then traveled to Florence Township and confronted his ex-wife’s husband, Shane Richardson, 29, at his Featherstone Road home.
After breaking into the residence, Patten shot Richardson in the presence of two small children, according to authorities. Richardson died later Thursday night at Three Rivers Health.
Patten was arraigned on Monday.

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