Update – Styrofoam recycling event

Last month’s inaugural Styrofoam recycling collection was deemed a success by event organizers.
Staged at Waste Management’s Westside Landfill, the four-hour collection June 24 took in more product than what was anticipated, Waste Management’s Eric Shafer said.
He said Dart Container of Mason will recover the recycled material when enough Styrofoam is collected to fill 20 containers that measures 39 cubic inches each. He said 10 of the Dart-provided containers were filled following the initial collection.
The Fabius Township property is the only Westside-owned landfill in Michigan to offer a Styrofoam recycling collection, Shafer said.
Items accepted included food-service foam containers, rinsed meat trays, rigid foam coolers, rigid packaging Styrofoam such as what often comes with television and large-item packaging, and egg cartons. Shafer said regrettably, Styrofoam peanuts cannot be accepted.
Local media will be notified when the date of the September collection is set.

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